I love Potential Volleyball sooooo much! This year was even cooler than the last. i loved learning how to serve overhand and spike. The Edmonton tournament was a blast! I made new friends this year and got to know my old friends better! I can’t wait to join next year!
Posted by Cynthia Lalonde on May 10, 2012
This is probably my 3rd season with Potential and every season I can see each player growing not only with their volleyball skills but also as people. We start each season not knowing everyone in the group but by the time the last practice rolls around we are all really close friends and we cant wait for next season!
Posted by Quinlyn Chiasson on May 09, 2012
The highly qualified andexperienced coaches of Potential Volleyball Club were able to see what each girl brought and shape and weave those skills into a surprisingly competative squad in a remarkably short time. Attention to team bonding also supported the girls to develop a real appreciation for each other.
Posted by Elaine Stewart (parent) on September 04, 2011
I had a lot of fun in Potential School of Volleyball last year and can’t wait to get started again. It’s not only a club to improve your skills as a volleyball player, it’s more than that because you really bond with your team mates and become a sports team and have lots fun together, especially when we travel together – that’s really the best part!
Posted by Denzie Hurst on September 04, 2011
An experienced and skillful coaching staff. Potential Volleyball gave my daughter fantastic opportunities to develop her skills in the sport.
Posted by Dianne Lafferty (parent) on September 04, 2011
My daughter started playing volleyball on a school team in grade 6. She soon found it to be one of her favourite sports and when we found out that there was an opportunity further develop her skills and play on a team outside of school, she was thrilled. She will go into grade 8 this fall and is thoroughly looking forward to joining the Potential School of Volleyball for her third season! As her mom I am so happy to see her play a team sport she enjoys. I am also her coach at the school level and because of the Potential School of Volleyball her skills, along with others on her team, are noticiably improved compared to the girls who only play school level volleyball. The Potential School of Volleyball has given my daughter, and many of her friends, an opportunity to excell at a sport she loves. Hopefully the Potential School of Volleyball will continue to offer this excellent opportunity for years to come.
Posted by Lynn Lalonde (parent) on September 04, 2011
I think the Potential Volleyball program is a great program which offers young adult girls the opportunity to learn and play competitive volleyball at a reasonably high level. They also learn many excellent life skills such as teamwork and striving to better themselves. On a personal level, I can concretely say that my daughter’s volleyball and leadership skills have grown immensely since joining the program last year and she is looking very forward to the upcoming season.
Posted by Michael Hurst (parent) on September 04, 2011