What do registration fees cover?

Registration fees cover the following:

    • Gym rentals
    • Gear (varies by age group)

Registration fees do NOT cover the following:

  • Travel for out-of-town tournaments (flights, hotel, vehicle rentals, tournament registration fees).
  • Coaches per diem when traveling.
  • Any extra gear that you might want to order above what is provided by club for the current season.
What methods of payment do you accept?
    • Email money transfer (send to:  info@potentialvolleyball.com)
    • PayPal 
    • NOTE:  We will NOT be accepting payments by cash or cheque this season.  Please use one of the above methods for payment of registration fees and for payment of travel expenses.
Is there a payment plan option for the registration fees?

Yes, if you require a payment plan, please email info@potentialvolleyball.com to discuss options.  

Parents and/or athletes may also wish to participate in some of Potential Volleyball’s fundraising activities.  Fundraised money will go directly into the athlete’s fundraising account with Potential Volleyball, which can then be used towards the athlete’s club registration fees and/or travel expenses.

 Is fundraising mandatory?

No, fundraising is completely optional.  You will never be told that you, or your daughter must participate in a fundraising event.

How do I find out how much money is in our fundraising account?

Send an email to info@potentialvolleyball.com and ask for a balance.  We will gladly send you an update of your fundraising account.  

What can fundraised money be used for?

Athletes can use fundraised money to help cover registration fees for camps or the club season.  They can also use fundraised money to help offset the cost of travel to out-of-town tournaments.

If my daughter leaves Potential, what happens to the remaining money in  her fundraising account?

As previously mentioned, we can apply fundraising money to expenses for the club season, however if an athlete does not return the next season, any money in their account will go into the club pot to help cover costs incurred by the club (i.e., gym rental, equipment purchases, promotions etc.)

Are the coaches paid to coach?

Yes, our coaches are paid a small honorarium to compensate them for their tireless efforts to bring the best possible programming to our young athletes.  Without coaches, youth sport could not exist and we are very lucky to have the quality coaches that we have in Potential Volleyball

Do all athletes travel to every tournament?

Not necessarily – Potential Volleyball travels with 8-10 athletes per tournament (for out-of-town).  Factors affecting ability to travel include, but are not limited to:  

  • Team positional needs – we can’t take six left-side players; we need to have a balanced roster to ensure all positions are covered;
  • An athlete’s availability;
  • An athlete’s attendance throughout the season; and
  • An athlete’s work ethic throughout the season.
What do I do if I can’t make practice?

Coaches provide their contact information to the athletes in the beginning of the season.  If an athlete is unable to attend a practice, she is expected to contact the coach 24-hours in advance to allow coaches time to plan practices accordingly.

How can I find out when practices are held and where?

Details for all Potential Volleyball practices can be found on our website by looking at the calendar.  Please note, however, that on select occasions, practice times and locations may change due to gym availability.  

It is the responsibility of the athlete and/or parent to reference the Calendar for practice dates, times and locations.  Email notifications and posts on the Potential Volleyball homepage noting any changes are provided as a courtesy only.

To display the practice location, click on the individual practice time showing in the calendar and the practice details will be displayed.